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To meet the industry needs, we have opened up a premier private security training institute – the Eye On Security Training Institute (EOSTI) – that will be the centre of excellence in training professionals in private security industry. The institute (EOSTI) is currently under development.

Religious Institutions

Following a spate of terror attacks in Kenya since our troops went into Somalia to pursue and neutralize the Al-Shabaab, in October 2012, we wrote to the Commissioner of Police (now Inspector General of Police) requesting permission and partnership in sensitizing the nation, especially the softest target of terrorist targets at the time – the Churches. We thus began to sensitize and train the Clergy and Church workers on basic counter-terrorism and security information on how to keep their congregations secure. We partnered with Kenya Police and other security agencies in Kenya to equip the Churches with vital counter-terrorism information and strategies. Between November 2012 and March 2014, our trainings have graduated close to 5,000 Pastors, Church leaders and Workers who have been equipped to be agents of counter-terrorism in their respective fields.

Schools and Colleges

In August 2013, following an escalation of terrorist threats targeting learning institutions, we partnered with the Ministry of Education seeking its authority to take our seminars and trainings to the Ministry of Education stakeholders, particularly schools’ and colleges’ heads. We are still doing this project!

Mass Transport System (the matatu sector)

Following a spate of terrorist attacks targeting the matatu sector, we wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure as well as the traffic Commandant seeking partnership in sensitizing the matatu sector on counter-terrorism. They have both partnered with us and now we are training the matatu industry players on counter-terrorism and security!

Private institutions, Hotels, Schools, etc

Terrorists have also shown us that they will go to any extent to cause terror in this country. The recent terror attack at the Westgate mall in Nairobi attests to this harsh reality. Apart from these public engagements, private institutions, hotels, schools, etc, have all sought our training services including most recently the Brackenhurst Hotel and Conference, Free Pentecostal Fellowship of Kenya, Huduma Centre, Oxfam NGO, etc.