Carjacking is the crime of motor vehicle theft from a person who is present normally the robber is armed. Carjacking is a felony and a carjacker is risking a far more severe penalty if caught than a regular car thief. Kenya Penal code section

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Cyber ethics is a code of behavior on the Internet. Based on common sense and good judgment, cyber ethics also includes obeying laws that apply to online behavior. When you practice cyber ethics, you are more likely to have a safer and enjoyable

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Fraud Alert!!!
It has come to the knowledge of this reputed firm that certain fraudsters are faking Safe Keeping Receipts (SKR) for gold and other precious metals and stones! Where as we provide this service to a number of clients, unfortunately some fraudsters are faking our SKRs for the sole purpose of conning unsuspecting people.

We advice anyone that receives any SKR purported to be from this firm to please call us or email us to verify. Our contacts are right on this website! We shall not be responsible for any SKR whose authenticity we do not confirm by email!
Mwenda Mbijiwe